Mart 2, 2021

Jp Morgan stands on the brink of Bankruptcy

Jp Morgan stands on the brink of Bankruptcy, breaking jp morgan news, Well-established finance company belonging to the Morgan family, one of the world’s largest financial institutions (silver news )

It is almost on the verge of bankruptcy. And to me jp morgan bankruptcy is certain and inevitable !

Why do I think jp morgan will go bankrupt

Because too much silver has been short-selling. And 249 of almost 250 of the silverware it has sold so far have no equivalent.

At the slightest increase in the price of silver, jp morgan will not be able to pay for silver and will sink.

Because there is 250 times the difference between the physical silver they have and the amount of silver they actually sell.

For this reason, when jp morgan customers want to sell their silver for profit .

The company does not have any resources to pay this money to its customers.

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silver news, jp morgan news,

For this reason, this financial institution will definitely go bankrupt .

A crisis like the real estate crisis of 2008 will break out soon. They had created a real estate bubble in 2008 and before. Now they do the same with silver in reverse.

In other words, they have pushed the price of silver so low that they are selling the silver they do not have. And when the price of silver starts to move up, jp morgan will start to lose and run towards bankruptcy.

Then the big financial collapse will bring great destruction to the world. Physically holding gold and silver for this financial collapse will save you.

We are at the beginning of this financial collapse these days. A group gathered on the site called Reddit, called game stop and then said that we will stock physical silver and sink jp morgan is a start.

And definitely jp morgan will go bankrupt. You can physically turn your silver in morgan into silver and keep them at home.

This is not an investment advice but just a forecast

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